About Us

Peter Pan

Our Mission

“Pied Piper Productions” mission is to inspire children and communities by connecting children with the Arts. We deliver artistic programs that have the potential to unlock creative thinking and build
confidence in our youths.


We consistently seek ways to afford to bring Broadway to
talented Marin kids and audiences alike. We engage audiences by offering them well thought out and inspiring shows. We promote inclusion across ethnic, economic and geographic barriers providing scholarships when needed; as we never turn a kid down.


We want children to experience live theater in a gentle nonthreatening, professional manner. Respect for one another and achieving a goal together that will leave a lasting impression on them and the audience is the goal. Children will be trained by participating, learning basic and advanced techniques and the disciplines of theatre. Young people who participate in the Performing Arts (music, theatre, dance), tend to be more in touch with their emotions, able to verbalize what they are
feeling, and better equipped to deal with challenges as adults later in life.


We believe that education is one of the most important building
blocks for children and are committed to broadening and expanding
learning opportunities through the delivery of Arts. Our programs are
intended to encourage dialogue and inclusiveness to young people as well as the entire community.

Our educational programs range from music and theatre classes to full-
fledged productions in San Rafael, CA. We carefully design our year-round shows to include dynamic and relevant productions. Our shows provide children with a first-rate theatrical experience.