Master Classes

We are exited to announce our new series of Master Classes. Students will have the opportunity to work with professionals from Broadway, film and more!

Private Coaching

Work one on one in a private setting with one of our professional teachers. Currently offering acting and voice.

After School Enrichment

Future Stars of Stage & Film is our after school program taught and directed by both Sharon Boucher & Sonia Perozzi at local elementary schools.

Master Class - "Selling The Song"

Shawn Ryan, Actor/Singer/Director from “Famous in Love” and “America’s Got Talent” brings his One Day Intensive
Master Class to the Pied Piper Production Master Class Series for one day only on Saturday, January 13, 2018.
“Selling the Song” is one of our most requested Master Classes and Shawn (always Shawn, never Mr. Ryan) Ryan
is going to lead you through your chosen piece with care, support, and artistic guidance that will have the audience cheering for
more when you hit your last note! In this class we delve into Performance, Creating a Character, Understanding the Intention
behind the Lyrics, and truly selling the song to the audience while feeling the song as the artist.
Do not miss this opportunity to work with one of the Industry’s best in a class that will take your performing skills to the next level. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Open to ages 10-18yrs.
For more information call reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

Private Coaching/Lessons

Work one on one with one of our professional teachers in the areas of voice and or acting.

Get in touch with us via our Contact Page for more information.


101 Dalmations Kids - Afterschool Program

This spring Future Stars of Stage & Film will be putting on Disney's 101 Dalmatians. This course will be directed and taught at Vallecito and Glenwood by Sharon Boucher and Coleman and Dixie by Sonia Perozzi. For more information please visit San Rafael Community Center's website @